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We believe in the power of digital network transformation through which we work with our clients to transform ideas into values and messages that connect with the audiences.

Our approach allows brands to stand out through unique designs. We focus on the powerful impact that networks can bring and transform them into strategies that result in business success.

We concentrate our minds in digging into the depths of the market and finding out what catches the audiences. We implement design and application to bring businesses and brands to long term success.

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Our Team

Our Team

Jeremy Hong

Chief Technology Officer

Yione Xue

Senior UI/UX Designer
Asian Australian Designers Association President

Qi Wang

Senior Project Manager
Strategic Operation Manager

Jackie Yang

Senior Project Manager

Viola Xiong

Senior UI/UX Designer

Dee Ding

UI Designer

Thomas Liang

Software Engineer

Logan Shen

UI Designer

Andrew Lin

Software Engineer

Grace Chen


Beibei He


Daisy Huang


The bridge of communication made possible by X Tech via digital web design & development and engaging user experiences.

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