Branding & Marketing


Brand Logo and IP Design

Our strategic approach is unique and has proven great outcomes. We focus on the branding market along with your business values and culture, combining all together we develop a unique identity with eye catching visuals.

Office Supplies Design

Our effective brand design leads to the success of products and companies. We carefully pick and style a colour palette, juggle some layout formats and hand pick some material textures that match the brand’s image and message.

Packaging Design

Our attractive packaging designs allow products to communicate effectively and create a connection with consumers. Our creative visuals catch customers and raise sales.

Marketing Strategies

We understand the market with your customers in mind. We generate a solution that reaches your customers. We use creative techniques with a deep understanding of the product life cycle and all the other alternatives to tackle any incoming competitors.

Our approach to every step of the process: quality assurance + time management = great results.

1. Project manager will communicate with you to clarify needs and goals.

Our project manager will take you on a journey. We start off with a simple Q&A to understand your business services and products before targeting project goals and expectations. We then dive into the market and arrive with pathways to achieve the targeted goals.

2. Senior designers will draw sketches according to research result and propose design schemes.

We draft a solution with a goal in mind. We combine all the research and data together with the consumer's needs to develop a winning solution for your business.

3. Designer will interpret the design proposals to you and gather feedback.

We discuss with you and gather all the data needed to optimize the plan.

4. Designers refine the draft proposal base on feedback and come up a final edition.

We finalize the outcome by taking into account all the feedback and ideas we received during our discussion sessions.

5. Carry out supplies design and handbook design within the new branding guidance provided.

Upon landing into the final phase, we equip you with a complete design package that includes all print-ready files. We also hand you a Brand Identity Style Guide that details all the design aspects with specifications on how to apply them in different mediums.

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