Website Design & Development

Website Design

Brochure Web Design

We build trust between brand and users. Designing with users in mind, we bring in consistency and value through beautiful narrative design solutions.

Landing Page Design

We build responsive and pixel perfect websites with HTML that works across desktop and mobile platforms. We deliver real business results with strong sales, advertising campaigns, and advertisement designs for different platforms like google and social media.

Ecommerce Web Design

We build your ecommerce store with security and thick guarded walls with all the control you need to ensure online transaction safety. We implement management systems like payment channels, inventory, CRM, finance, intelligent cargo, online order management etc.

Mobile App Development

We deliver business success and measured design solutions with our IOS/Android mobile app design and development. We create apps like e-commerce apps, social media apps, and online education apps etc.

Our approach to every step of the process: quality assurance + time management = great results.

1. It is a collaborative process. Together we pinpoint project goals and needs before we kick off anything.

Our project manager will take you on a journey. We start off with a simple Q&A to understand your business services and products before targeting project goals and expectations.

2. Our talented designer implements a planned out design structure which includes elements of visual design and user flows.

Our designers will conduct in-depth market research according to business products and services. We bring beautiful and effective solutions that aim to enhance user experiences. Our strategic process includes wireframes, prototype, interface aesthetics and interaction design.

3. Our experienced software developers will construct databases and develop memorable and intuitive interactive interfaces.

Our teams ensure the website truly works and delivers all the targeted goals. We manage and measure from form to function and all the way to deliver engaging experiences. We bring improved formulas to achieve the best results for your business.

4. Quality assurance and user experience is secured with our extensive test runs.

Your input is valuable throughout the process. Our team will provide you with a management account to access and adjust as we work along. We put user experience and quality assurance first. We test the project inside and out to ensure smooth delivery after project launch.

5. Our sales team will provide tutorial sessions to help you navigate and understand the project after it has successfully launched.

We guide you through the process of how to upload and edit content, improve google ranking and maintenance features etc. We also support you with a one stop web hosting service for web design adjustments and data security.

The bridge of communication made possible by X Tech via digital web design & development and engaging user experiences.

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