Client Background

Chase Accounting Service会计服务公司是一家位于悉尼CBD中心的特许会计师事务所,同时也是是一家成熟的咨询公司,为所有客户提供量身定制的企业咨询服务、商业咨询、企业审查、并购服务和税务咨询。

What X Technology has Brought

X Tech help Chase Accounting Service design and develop a new website.


In the website design, the corporate identity is highlighted, and the concise service classification shows the profession of Chase Accounting. The mobile display of the website has also been developed which make service section clear to users. After the website went live, Chase Accounting has received more online inquiries as well as more phone call that brought conversion for business.


  • 网站设计
  • Website Design & Development
  • 视觉设计规划
  • Mobile优化