Client Background

Glowy Media is a media solution company that was established in 2017. Their goals are to help companies build up reputation through spreading their brand, value and services to customers. Glowy’s main services include: content design, outdoor advertising, online social media marketing and KOL Marketing.

What X Technology has Brought

X tech helps Glowy differentiate themselves in the market through Logo & IP Design.

So far, Glowy Media has installed their advertising screens in over 100 businesses in Australia. Glowy has reached 50,000+ times daily exposure, covering more than 80% of the electronic advertising of catering and entertainment service places. During the epidemic, it has become one of the important offline channels for the Australian government to publicize epidemic prevention knowledge.


Choose X Tech and Spread the Ideas of your Business


  • 品牌标识
  • Logo设计
  • 视觉设计
  • 印刷规范