Client Background

Harbourside Institute of Australia是一家澳洲本土拥有20多年教学经营经验的培训机构。近年来伴随着澳洲教育行业的蓬勃发展,HIA希望能够扩大学校影响力,顺利转型进入澳洲高校教育系统内,同时吸引到更多的海外留学生前来求学。

What X Technology has Brought

With HIA’s needs in mind, X Tech provides Logo design services and website design and development services to HIA.


Due to high legal restriction and compliance requirements from the NSW government, the design of the website has to strictly follow the legal frame. However, we successfully find the balance between compliance needs and creativity of the design.


  • 品牌识别
  • Logo设计
  • 印刷规范
  • 办公产品周边设计
  • 用户调研
  • 网站信息架构
  • 网站设计
  • 网络开发