Client Background

Wisdom Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was established in early 2000. It is a cultural and educational company that integrates kindergarten curriculum design, decoration design, equipment supply, preschool education, and preschool teacher training. With the continuous development and growth of enterprises, a unique brand identity are needed for establishing world of mouth.

What X Technology has Brought

X Tech help Wisdom Education design their unique Brand Identity


As a preschool education institution the advantages such as perfect educational resources are needed to be prominent. During logo design process, the diversification of education services and the selflessness and dedication of education industry workers were emphasized through the radiant abstract. The color choice are bright and memorable which bringing brand vivid visual appearance.


  • 设计头脑风暴 workshop
  • 品牌标识 logo设计
  • 印刷周边设计
  • 视觉设计